Tuesday, November 4, 2008

we voted...


... and by we, I mean the three of us. Andrew had to work today, so he voted earlier this morning. I, however, took the day off to be home with the kids and took them with me to vote. There were SO many questions from how do you vote, how are they counted, what is an electoral college, why do you have to vote if the electoral college decided it in the end, why can't you scream "Go Obama" in a voting booth (thank goodness this was asked - BEFORE it actually happened), to how long is this going to take.

Molly's class is working on a community project this week, so it played perfectly into her project about how people help the community. We talked about how important it is for everyone to vote, how important it is for people to volunteer to run for office, and how people like our neighbor who volunteer to work at the polls are necessary.

Hope you all got out to vote today!
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