Thursday, November 6, 2008

a cozy blanket...

My "ever so crafty" daughter wanted to make a gift for her girlfriend's birthday. The party is a monkey birthday party (because - let's face it, what's not to like about a monkey) and while at JoAnn's we found this make a blanket kit (with monkeys all over it). Molly had received a similar blanket from her Grandma 2 or 3 Christmas's ago that she sleeps with every night because it is so "cozy".

While the one we did was out of a kit, this would be super easy to do just by buying the two pieces of fleece right of the bolt. Anyways, the directions are as follows. Get two pieces of coordinating fleece. Place the fleece on top of each other. Cut 7 inch squares out of the double layers of fleece at each corner. Cut into the fleece at 1" intervals around the entire perimeter...


Then all you do is knot the pieces together... easy, breezy!

Here it is all done (mostly completed by an 8 year old). This was a great project!!!!
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