Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Reviewing some old posts today - I found these classroom valentines I made a few years back and thought I would report them (because my kids are now too old to hand out valentines).

Here are the valentines we will be handing out this year...

Since Andrew is a Junior Kindergarten teacher, he ALWAYS has tissues in his pocket. So after seeing MANY variations of these on Martha Stewarts website and countless blogs... here is my version of the tissue holder. I made these with felt and quick sewed them up on my machine. The letters were felt stickers. I printed the silly knock-knock joke (and tried to make them look like tissues coming out of the package and we were good to go.

One version
Martha's Version

For Matt, we made the recycled crayon hearts (again seen on countless blogs everywhere).

Click here for instructions from Make and Takes.

I broke up old stubby crayons into small bits and made sure to remove all the paper wrappers. Then put the crayons into a heart shape mold and bake in the oven at 275 degrees for about 10-15 minutes (the better brand of crayon, the faster it melted).

The only thing that I would add to the many other bloggers who have been doing this project this year is the following...

1. The bottoms of these are UGLY. I was so upset when I took these out of the oven, they were so gross looking - I thought I had messed the whole thing up! BUT once you pop them out of their molds - they are really cute.

2. I used a silicone pan and I would suggest that everyone do the same. I don't think you could pop them out otherwise.