Sunday, November 23, 2008

elf on the shelf...

Do you have an elf on the shelf? We do!

This little guy was given to my kids, by my parents. I love it! Our elf (whom the kids named Mortimer) sits on a shelf in our home every day and then goes to the North Pole every night to report to Santa on how good/bad the kids are.

The kids have truly figured out how to use this direct link to Santa to their advantages. It all started when the elf was in the living room and the kids were in the family room. Matt came flying into the living room crying "did you see that Mortimer? Did you? Molly squeezed my hand really hard." Matt then called back to his sister "Santa's not happy!" To which Molly came running in "I did not Mortimer and He can't even talk Matt!" Well this fighting went on and on and I couldn't help but smile. Why you ask...

Because they were tattling on each other and whining to a plastic elf and not to me! Yeah Grandma and Grandpa - you rock!!!!!

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