Friday, March 26, 2010

Williamsburg, who knew?

Who knew Williamsburg, Virginia could be so much fun?
We didn't, but - we do now!!!

Here is Matt with his "magic" tin flute. According to the man who sold it to him, it was "magic" because if Matt played it inside or on a bus it would disappear!

Molly learned traditional dances.

There was cannon fire on the green (with the occasional interruption for passing squirrels).

The kids laughed and had fun the whole time.
I wholeheartedly recommend Williamsburg for vacation! :)
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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

very quick St. Patrick's Day cupcakes...

These are my very quick, last minute St. Patrick's Day cupcakes.
The time on the clock was 6:45pm when my darling son said "Mom, would you PLEASE make cupcakes for school tomorrow?" I can't resist this kid when he is being so cute! Add that to the fact that his teacher is my husband - I asked "do you want cupcakes for tomorrow?" and my husband said "YES!" Here is what I made...

I always seem to have a box of cupcake mix and a tub of frosting when I need one. (Thank goodness for that). I rummaged through by baking stuff and found gold cupcake wrappers and green sugar. Figuring that anything else I found would just be a bonus, after starting the cupcakes I searched my office supplies and found round stickers.

I used Microsoft Word and added clip art to the stickers (making twice as many as I needed). Once printed, I sandwiched a toothpick between two stickers and had cute little cupcake picks.

Matt very carefully placed each pick into the cupcakes. He did an excellent job!

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