Monday, November 3, 2008

how to make a fairy...


One of the ladies I work with and I have a long running joke refering to the fairies that do all the work in our office. So, an obvious choice for her birthday present was a fairy to hang in her office. That way when she doesn't want to work she can call on her fairy to do it for her.

This was a project that started with me opening the door to my craft closet and saying "what can I make a fairy with?" I took two wooden balls (one slightly smaller than the other) and painted them (the smaller ball was the head).

Then, in a box of party supplies, I found a package of pink tulle rounds (that I had bought over a year ago for my parents 50th wedding anniversary party favors). I folded the rounds in half and in half again and hot glued the point of the quartered circle to the larger wooden ball. I repeated this step over and over until the skirt was "flouncy" enough for me.

For wings, I found some iridescent twisted craft paper that I unrolled, tied a small jingle bell to the center and hotglued in place.

For hair, I found two embroidery skeins, wrapped them together, and hot glued the hair in place.

I decided to leave her faceless, because I couldn't decided if a working fairy would be happy or not. This way her mood can change by the day, or hour, or minute!
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