Tuesday, February 26, 2008

They want HOW much for wrapping paper...

Yes, I am that woman in the stores. The one who is completely shell-shocked when I realize that the wrapping paper is $4 and the card is $5. That seems like such a waste - especially since the one purpose of wrapping paper is to be ripped up and thrown away. So here was my solution this weekend...

One grocery bag, one stamp pad, and a bunch of stamps - done.
Bonus, we didn't need to buy a card!
Second bonus - Molly was thrilled that we were able to recycle something!
Third bonus - it kept Molly busy in the hour before the party
(you know, when your kids are bouncing of the wall and saying is it time yet, is it time yet?)

So hubby has the flu and is staying in bed - leaving me to deal with the kids this week. Molly has been an angel in helping keep the house clean and taking care of her brother. However, tonight she was feeling quite sarcastic and everything out of her mouth had that tone...

Finally, hearing enough - I said "Molly, I am tired of that tone". "What tone", she sarcastically whined back. "That sarcastic tone coming out of your mouth. Don't forget, I have been around a lot longer than you and I invented sarcasm!" I replied. Now what happened next - I deserved for telling my daughter that I invented sarcasm...BUT...

In her most sarcastic tone... she said... "ummm, Mom even Jesus used sarcasm."

To which I responded with the most motherly thing I could think of... "I think it's bedtime - everybody brush their teeth."

Monday, February 25, 2008


Matt had a doctor appointment for his Strabismus and Amblyopia this week. Hooray for us… it is all good news! Apparently, the glasses are doing what they are supposed to and his vision has improved drastically over the past four months. Also, he only needs his patch for 1 hour per day! He has been such a trooper and wears his glasses and patch without complaint.
While leaving the Medical Center, Matt looks up at me and says “Mom, you are stupendous!” I just cracked up (as did everyone else in the elevator). He is such a funny kid – where does a 3 year old learn words like that. This evening I was on the phone with my mom and told her what he said and how I had no idea where he got that word (laughing the whole time) and Matt came up to me and said “I learned it on the Upside Down Show”. So thanks to Noggin for teaching my son the word stupendous. It was really… you know… STUPENDOUS!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Snow day...

My 7 year old went to bed last night with her pajamas inside out and a spoon under her pillow...

Why you ask?

To guarantee that today would be a snow day. This tradition has been around since hubby and I were kids. I wonder if people all over do this - or is this a Connecticut/New England thing?

I had to work, but hubby and the kids stayed home and played. Once I got home - we all went outside to play until we were so cold that we couldn't feel our toes...

(I love the faces on the kids... what you don't see is hubby throwing snow at them from the side.)

then it was time for hot chocolate and marshmallows...

No, these kids don't look tired at all...

Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Day is over, is it spring yet....

Well, we made it through another Valentine's Day - Whew! It is completely a holiday for kids in our house with cookie baking, valentine making, candy eating, and sugar highs! The kids had a great time. Molly went right from school to her grandparent's house and spent the night with them as an extra special treat.

With Molly at the grandparents, Matt in daycare and me at work - Andrew got an entire day home to himself (that was his Valentine's present from me).

My Valentine's present to myself showed up in the mail today. Not one, but TWO new patterns from http://www.montessoribyhand.net/. The Mischievous Gnome Messenger bag and the Emmeline apron. As a novice sewer, I am a little overwhelmed b the instructions, but will try to keep an open mind and do one step at a time. I will keep you updated on the results.

Easter is a little over a month away and you know what that means... egg hunts, cute dresses and little suits, bunnies, and SPRING! In today's mail there was a flyer for the Children's Place and coupons for the Easter collection. I got all excited thinking about spring. Molly is very interested in growing a garden this year. I know NOTHING about gardening so if any New Englander's out there know of any vegetables or flowers that are really easy to grow and almost impossible to mess up - I would be very interested in hearing your opinions.

By the way, thank you to everyone who has left me comments. It is nice to hear that you are enjoying the blog. I am having a lot of fun writing it!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A mailbox for Valentine's Day and a mom story...

Molly's teacher asked me to put together a mailbox for the kids to use on Valentine's Day. I quickly responded "sure, I live for this kind of stuff" (no, I am not kidding I actually said that - weird, I know).

So she brought me 2 wine boxes and said to do my best. I love a project with no guidelines! This is what I came up with...

All the hearts pull right off - so they can use it after the 14th for a unit on how to write letters. I was really thrilled with the way it turned out.

So here is my mom story.... (a mom story is a story a mom tells everyone about her kids that she thinks makes her kids look so cute or clever when in reality the stories bore everyone else to tears.)

So tonight I was making cookies for hubby and daughter to hand out at school when my beautiful 3-year-old came to me wanting to help. I asked him if he would like to use the cookie cutters and he said "no, I want to steamer the cookies".

I kind of looked at him funny and he got that great "I am so exasperated with my mother" look on his face and said to me (really slowly - as if that would help me to understand him) "you know Mommy, steamer the cookies?!?" This time he motioned as if he was rolling out the dough. I started laughing and said "Oh, so you want to roll out the dough" to which he quickly responded "yes, that what I say - I be the steamroller."

Monday, February 11, 2008

Where have I been, you ask...


Boy, time just flies by - doesn't it?

I could give a hundred excuses as to why I have posted in a month and was planning to... but then I thought back to my New Year's Non-Resolution and called a do-over. I am promising myself that I really will try to keep up the regular posting - but promise not to beat my self up over it.

Work has been crazy, busy (no that is not an excuse) and I have been having a great time with it. Since posting last, I went to Boston again (overnight) then got to spend a week in California. I had never been there before and all I could say was WOW! You Californians have one beautiful state!

Now those of you who know me, know I have a (somewhat unhealthy) obsession with all things Disney. Well, never having been to California before (and not being exactly sure where I was going) I mapquested from my hotel to Disneyland (I could find that on any map). Sure enough, my hotel was 9.36 miles from the gates of the Happiest Place on Earth.

Now those of you who know my boss, know he is anti-"Mouse". So after much begging, he promised to at least drive-by Disneyland - so I could at least see it. I was convinced that was as good as it was going to get with him.

However, once in California - David handed me an envelope with some cash for the day and said "Have fun in Disneyland - be back for dinner." I totally freaked out! I truly work for some great people. So here are some pictures from the day. I was a total 2-yar old running around the park and loving EVERY MINUTE OF IT!!!!

Should I be offended by the resemblance?

The rest of the trip was great too! Even tried some raw sushi (after a "few" glasses of wine)! However, nothing beats standing in front of the Haunted Mansion, calling home to your 7 year-old and saying "Guess where Mommy is right now..." (insert evil laugh here)