Saturday, August 15, 2009

40th birthday survival kit...

I am off to a 40th birthday tonight (and the invitation said NO PRESENTS). We couldn't show up empty handed and decided to put together a little something for the guest of honor.

40th Birthday Survival Kit Poem (which is a compilation of several I found over the Internet)

Surviving 40

40 pennies - for 40 good wishes
40 paperclips - to hold things together
40 Hershey kisses - to use at your discretion
40 rubber bands - to remind you to give tight hugs
40 sheets of paper - to write the next chapter in your life
40 toothpicks - to pick out the good in everyone/thing
40 garbage bags - to get rid of old garbage/baggage
40 marbles - spares for when you lose your own
40 erasers - to wipe out mistakes you've made
40 lollipops - for when life sucks
40 matches - to light your way

Happy Birthday!

I collected 40 of each item (the dollar store was GREAT for this) and made up little bags of items. I didn't bag the Hershey Kisses and used them as "filler".

I bought a clear plastic paint can (at Michaels), decorated with paper and stickers, then filled the can with the little "gifts".

This project was easy, inexpensive, and really cute!


Kristy Hilton said...

Thank you for the wonderful and creative idea! I just came across it and needed a clever present for a 40th birthday party- you're a lifesaver!

amy - directionally challenged said...

Glad I could help!

Jenae said...

Thanks so much for the great idea. My sis isturning 40 next week and I'v been trying to figure out something fun to do foe her like that. I'm in a different state so I was going to send her a little package!

Anonymous said...

Loved this idea!! Then I went all put and did everything exactly as explained. It doesn't fit!! Lol. I had to cut back on the suckers a d garbage bags. ?!?