Monday, March 10, 2008


Because, my baby is getting older everyday....
Because, I laugh everyday at what he comes up with....
Because, I am afraid of getting old and forgetting....
Today, I am sharing a few Mattisms (pearls of wisdom and humor from my three year old)
After throwing a fit in the store and knowing I was not happy, he waited until everyone around us was quiet and loudly announced "Mommy, please don't sell me on Ebay"

While singing "My Favorite Things" - "When the bee stings, when the bear stinks..." "Matt, what does that mean - when the bear stinks" "You know Mommy when he farts, that's bad"

Me: "Matthew you either eat your dinner or you can go straight to bed" Matt: "No Mommy, you say Matt, you can watch tv or play computer"

Talking with Matt about the pre-school's we have been visiting and how next year he will be going to one and not to MeeMee's (the woman who runs the homedaycare he goes to), he got really quiet.

I asked him what was the matter, Matt responded "But, what about MeeMee"

Me: "Matt next year you will go to school and not MeeMee's"

Matt: "But, Mommy I live with her during the day and you at night"

...this went on for sometime and left me trying to explain to a crying 3 year old that I pay
Mee Mee to watch him everyday (why I was trying to use logic with a 3 year old - I will never know)

to which Matt quickly (and loudly) replied "WILL YOU JUST PAY THE WOMAN!"

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Mom, could you make my friends something...

My precious daughter came home from school this week with a handful of letters from her second grade's "post office". It was painfully obvious that the teacher had told them to write somthing nice about the person they were writing too and then ask them a question. I know this because ALL of the letters were written this way.

It was still very cute to see things written like "you are so good at math" or "you are very funny" or my personal favorite "you keep your desk very clean". The questions are another matter. Several of my daughter's girlfriends have asked Molly - if she could ask me to make them some barrette's like the one's I make for her.

Molly doesn't want to hurt anyones feelings so she asked (okay, begged) me to help her out. So this weekend, I have been working on these...

A couple pieces of ribbon, a barrette, and a needle and thread - 10 minutes later, you have a cute litle barrette.

Friday, March 7, 2008

An overdue Valentine's Day post...

I have been meaning to post this forever (okay, not really that long... just since Valentine's Day).

I have been reading a lot of blogs where people have been working with shrink plastic - and it looked like fun!

I drew four circles on four sheets of shrink plastic and had hubby, Molly, Matt and myself decorate our four circles. Once colored in, we cut them out, punched holes, and shrunk 'em (the technical term). The kids thought it was great!

After they cooled, I coated the back with clear nail polish (to prevent the colored pencils from rubbing off) and put each one on a lanyard hook. I then took one of each of our designs and made four keyrings. On Valentine's Day I put one on everyone's backpack/briefcase - so that we always have a piece of each other with us.

This one is mine. I really liked the way they came out. VERY easy craft to do with the kids.

The hills are alive...

I decided to make a change to the blog for Spring. I needed to see some brighter colors. The header came from They have a lot of great free downloads. Definitely take time to check them out!

So, what does that have to do with my post title today...

Well, aside from the impending arrival of Spring - I have been asked to direct "The Sound of Music" for my church's summer musical! Very Exciting (and a little scary)! This is the first time I will be directing any kind of show and (while I am very bossy and tell people what to do at all times) I just really hope I do a good job. I will keep you informed as the process unfolds.