Sunday, November 9, 2008

how to get a kid to sit still in church...

In yet another attempt to figure out how to get Matt to sit still in church, I tried a new approach.

Molly, Matt and I were ready to leave for church a whole hour before we needed to be (Dad has to be at church early for choir rehearsal), we hopped in the car, went to Mickey D's, had a great breakfast and ran around on the playscape for a while.

Believe it or not... it actually worked! Matt sat through the entire service like a trooper. Now what are the odds it will happen again next week?


Mo said...

Want to take Paddy with you next time???? Maybe he'll sit still, too? Or maybe he'll just throw goldfish in some innocent woman's drink. Gotta love a self-assured PK!

amy - directionally challenged said...

okay, I was still laughing today about the goldfish! He is SO cute!!!!!