Monday, February 25, 2008


Matt had a doctor appointment for his Strabismus and Amblyopia this week. Hooray for us… it is all good news! Apparently, the glasses are doing what they are supposed to and his vision has improved drastically over the past four months. Also, he only needs his patch for 1 hour per day! He has been such a trooper and wears his glasses and patch without complaint.
While leaving the Medical Center, Matt looks up at me and says “Mom, you are stupendous!” I just cracked up (as did everyone else in the elevator). He is such a funny kid – where does a 3 year old learn words like that. This evening I was on the phone with my mom and told her what he said and how I had no idea where he got that word (laughing the whole time) and Matt came up to me and said “I learned it on the Upside Down Show”. So thanks to Noggin for teaching my son the word stupendous. It was really… you know… STUPENDOUS!

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