Monday, December 31, 2007

A well-doctor visit...

So now that my little man has turned three... he needed to go to the Doctor for a well-visit. He watched what the nurse did to him VERY carefully and then performed each action on his "Cookie" the stuffed dog that follows him where ever he goes.

My little boy has such a big heart... I hope he never changes.

After a successful appointment, we went out for the afternoon and found a Barnes&Noble that was going out of business and today was the final day. We found a few good sale items (things that weren't being transferred to the newer, bigger B&N down the street) and got a couple more pictures of my Tasmanian Devil in a moment of peace...

Then it was off to the mall... Macy's had some great sales ($34 bought four shirts and a pair of pants for my daughter) and Johnny Rockets for a late lunch (yum).

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