Monday, March 30, 2009

re-entry can be tough...

Matt had a rough day at school. The child who family and friends know as loud, extremely active, and mischievous (in the cutest way possible, of course) is angelic at school. He never wants to disappoint his teachers.

Well, today he and 5 other boys were playing in the block area - no one was listening to the teacher say clean-up and after several chances - the boys had to sit along the wall during gym and not play. Matt was devastated. So much so that his teacher actually called me to make sure he was okay.

Matt and I had a LONG talk about listening to his teacher and doing the right thing. He was so upset over the incident- he was still crying. (I so wanted to just say - Matt, it was some blocks - get over it - but I am pretty sure he is just overtired from our Disney adventure.) Finally, as he went off to bed he told me...

"Mom, it is just so hard to be good all day when you're 4." To which I responded "Matt, it is hard to be good all day when your 38."

Poor Matt, hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

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