Thursday, March 12, 2009


Matt on his future (i.e. rambling as I drive him to school)...

Matt: I am going to be a farmer that grows corn... and peas... and carrots - the cooked ones, not the hard ones... and... um.... oh, and soup!

Me: Matt, how do you grow soup?

Matt: You plant the seed in the ground, put the bowl down and the soup grows into the bowl. I am gonna make toys too! and sell them in a store.

Me: Cool - a farm store, who is going to run it?

Matt: You are, you are gonna be the farmer's wife.

Me: Me? but I am already married to your Dad.

Matt: That's okay, he can work there too. But you're the farmer's wife because we live together and I love you - so we can get married.


I told Matt's teacher about his new found love for farming. She was excited because they were going to plant seeds for a school garden. So you can imagine my surprise (after hearing about his future farming skills for days) when I got to school and the teacher called me to her desk and said "listen to this - it is hysterical"

Miss Heather: "Matt did you help plant these seeds" (lettuce seeds)

Matt: "NO! That's salad, I am not growing salad - I don't even like salad!" pointing to the seedlings "Mom, I had NOTHING to do with that!"

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