Sunday, September 14, 2008


Because, once again... I do not want to forget.

"Mom, I am so FUSTERATED! I can't get my shoe on."
"Matt, do you mean frustrated."
"Ugghh, that's what I say - FUSTERATED!"


(Matt's comment after asking me the same question 15 times and getting the same answer - which was NO.)

"SILENCE - YOU ARE NOT THE MAN! uh, Mom... have you seen my Daddy?"

(by the way... my husband SWEARS he did not teach him this)


(Matt and Andrew are watching cartoons and a commercial comes on for a remote control car.)

Matt: "Dad, when I say - I want that remote car, you say - but, I thought you wanted the Planet Heroes Space Ship. Okay?"
Andrew; "Okay."
Matt: "Dad, I want that remote car."
Andrew: "But, I thought you wanted the Planet Heroes Space Ship?"
Matt: "I want them both, thanks for asking!"


Me: "Matt, what do you want for breakfast? We have cereal or waffles."
Matt: "I want Macaroni and Cheese."
Me: "That's a lunch food, right now we are having breakfast."
Matt: "I want Macaroni and Cheese, please."
Me: That was really nice asking, but we are having breakfast."
Matt: "Okay, then I'll just have lunch instead."


Matt: (day two of preschool) "Mom, am I FINALLY old enough to go to kindergarten?"


Matt: (day three of preschool - and not wanting to get out of bed) "Mom, I forgot to tell you that the first week I would be a little sick and need to stay home."


What can I say... 3 is a fun age!

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