Monday, September 8, 2008

it's finally my turn...

That is what Matt said to me this morning when I asked him to stop so I could take his picture before the first day of school. "Sorry Mom I can't. It's FINALLY my turn to go in." (I still made him stop so I could take a quick picture.)

Molly gives her little brother some advice on his big first day!

Outside the school door (where I had to beg to get him to stop so I could take a picture).

Not only did Cookie come with Matt to school... he got his own name tag, so everyone would know who he was!

Being that he was the first kid there... he got a chance to run around a bit and check out his new surroundings.

I thought I would be teary dropping my baby off at pre-school, but I wasn't. He was completely comfortable and after being in the room for 2 minutes, he looked at me and said "Mom, it's time for you to leave now". That boy is something else!

That is not to say I didn't worry about him all day! When my cell phone rang at noontime and the school number was on the caller id - I couldn't get to the phone fast enough. But, there was no emergency... the teacher just wanted to let me know Matt was having a great day and that "he has a rather extensive vocabulary and really loves to use it" (interpretation: your son talks a lot!).

Hooray! Both of my children are in school - and life is great!

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