Wednesday, June 18, 2008

busy, busy, busy...

Life can sometimes get in the way...

Life has been crazy around here lately. I have a full-time job, I have been attending rehearsals for Sound of Music, and trying to still be around for my kids. Well, the hour I see my kids (that happens to coincide with making dinnner, etc.) tends to be a little crazy. Therefore, this post is a belated "Why my husband rocks/Father's Day" post.

I have to say that I agreed to be the director of the Sound of Music (without consulting my husband) and my husband said okay (and threw his support behind me). However, in all my "oh it won't really cut into family time" speeches - the reality is that it does cut in to family time and I am currently the part-time Mom.

So this is a thank-you to my dear husband. Thank you for being there for the kids - while I live out some "pre-children" fantasy. Thank you for cleaning the house today - because my parents are coming over tomorrow. Thank you for your support - I really do notice it and appreciate it (even if I forget to tell you).

So to round this mushy post out... My husband rocks (and I should show my appreciation way more than I do).

Thanks sweetheart, I love you.

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