Sunday, May 25, 2008

17 years...

Where was I 17 years ago today?

Happy anniversary to my husband. I love you!


Cristin said...

Congrats on 17 years...(We were married May 1, 1991)!

You asked about the candy bouquet on my blog...vase is filled with Hershey kisses...and then plant sticks are glued (cool glue gun) to the back of the candybars, or you could use packaging tape...the kisses and some colorful tissue paper keep the bars in place...the trick is using a variety of different size bars...Have fun crafting, and again congrats on 17 years!

amy - directionally challenged said...

Hi Cristin!

Thanks for sharing. I am so excited to try these for end of the year gifts.

(...and a happy belated anniversary to you too!)

ann marie said...

....and a happy anniversary too!

wow! i can't believe it was 17 years! from your postings you seem as if you are living your "happily every after". how wonderful!

(yes, i just found your blog. *smoooch*)