Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Guess what this is...

Anyone want to venture a guess? Where is Bob?

I know! He is on the potty!

How brave am I to post a picture of my toilet ;)

Yes, I have come to a time in my life (again) where I will spend as much time in the bathroom as I will spend out of it (if not more). My 3 year old has FINALLY decided to try and use the potty. How did I get the most stubborn boy in the land to start potty training? Why, BRIBERY - of course!
If Matt makes it one week in underwear without accidents - he will get his very own skateboard! Since I am pretty sure that it will be months before that happens, it will probably be an Easter gift - LOL!
Wish me luck on the potty training wagon!


Danetta said...

I don't miss those days at all but I do love the new seats instead of the potty chairs from back in the day.
And YES you are brave to post the toilet pic :)

Ms. R. J. said...

Hey Amy,

I can't believe you posted your toilet, it is cute though!!! And I hope you little boy gets potty trained soon, so you wont have to buy anymore pull-ups!!- those tend to get expensive at times!! Good luck and keep us posted on how he progresses!!