Sunday, November 18, 2007

Party Gift

My daughter has a birthday party this weekend and is in need of a gift. There has been a big push at her school to Renew, Reuse, Recycle. So she asked if I would make a juice pouch purse. I have been making these for her little friends for a few months now.

They make a great gift, cost less than $5 to make and serve as a gift bag as well. After I sew them up, I throw in a little shredded paper and a small gift (card game, etc.). These have been a hit!

I found a tutorial at Mormon Chic. Great pictures and easy to follow. As you can see I altered mine a bit. Instead of the handles used in the tutorial, I take 2 juice pouches, cut them lengthwise in thirds, sew them end to end, and then sew both edges. I take another juice pouch, trim it to shape, sew around the edges, and attach it to the back of the purse as a closure (just use a little self-stick velcro). Lastly, I must say it is VERY important to sew on the embellishments - they will never stay on otherwise.

(by the way, my daughter now refers to herself as "mom's model")

Oh, one more thing - have a few more juice pouches on hand than you will need. Juice pouches are an unforgiving medium and if you need to redo a seam, it might be easier to start over. Have fun with this one!!!!

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G'G'ma said...

What a crazy fun idea. I'll save that idea for when my 3 week old great-granddaughter gets a little older!!