Thursday, May 20, 2010

Stone Soup...

Tomorrow is the Junior Kindergarten production of Stone Soup - A Rock Opera.  I can hardly wait! 

I wanted to make the kids aprons for all the cooking they have to do - but of course didn't think about it or start the project until yesterday. 

I found 20X26 dish towels at the dollar store, washed and ironed them, and then called Matt in to function as my model.  Holding the towel up to him, I figured out how wide it would need to be at the top, added an inch to each side, and cut the towel at an angle. 

I folded the cut edges over twice and hemmed it (leaving a channel to feed the ribbon through).  I feed the ribbon through the channels and tied large beads to the end (so the JKers can't pull out the ribbons by accident). 

I added each JKer's initial to the top and lined them up to go. 

I am pretty pleased with how they turned out (and they were so easy, I turned out 8 of them in under 3 hours).  Hopefully, I will remember to get a picture of all of them in their aprons.

However, I found out the the Kindergartners were coming to help the JKers sing some of the songs and I couldn't leave them empty handed.  So...

I went to my Magical, Mystical Craft Closet and (as usual) it did not disappoint me.  I pulled out some small stones, googly eyes, and glue.  You know what I made? Of course you do, Pet Stones (okay, they were Pet Rocks - but they are doing Stone Soup, get it?)  :) 

I went back to the closet and found some Easter grass, small paper bags, and round label stickers.  I made two stickers for each bag - one saying "Congratulations!  Stone Soup 2010!" and the other "Caution!  Pet Stone Inside".  Voila!  Instant Stone Soup Party Favors for everyone!

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Alison Russell said...

What a great idea with the stones! I don't have those types of things in my craft closet :( I mostly have yarn, metal, and beads. Not so helpful here!

Good job with the aprons! I wish my elf costumes had been so easy - can't remember how long it took me to make those, but it was certainly longer than 3 hours!