Friday, March 26, 2010

Williamsburg, who knew?

Who knew Williamsburg, Virginia could be so much fun?
We didn't, but - we do now!!!

Here is Matt with his "magic" tin flute. According to the man who sold it to him, it was "magic" because if Matt played it inside or on a bus it would disappear!

Molly learned traditional dances.

There was cannon fire on the green (with the occasional interruption for passing squirrels).

The kids laughed and had fun the whole time.
I wholeheartedly recommend Williamsburg for vacation! :)
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Alison Russell said...

My mom took me to Colonial Williamsburg when I was 10 - I loved it! This was '78, so it was only two years after the bicentennial, so colonial America was still really big. Of course I grew up in a family of anglophiles and history buffs, so even at 10 I loved history!

Glad your kids also had fun there! I'd love to be able to go back some day!

amy - directionally challenged said...

Let us know if you do go. I will give you the info on where we stayed, etc. It was a great trip!