Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Matt's letter to Santa...

Dear Santa,

I would like to be a scientist. So I need...
- Markers
- Paper
- A case of rubber bands
- A computer that will fit in my pocket with games that just play and you don't have to wait for them to download
- Gloves (winter and scientist gloves)
- Ipod (in blue, of course)
- Ipod charger (‘cause it won't work without one and if it dies I need a charger to help it)
- Snuggie and pillow pet (but don't ask Grandma 'cause I think she wants to get me one)
- Lego cool doors and windows and stuff
- A puppy (but it has to be bigger than my cats - unless you take my cats, then it can be any size)
- 8 or more bakugans
- Pizza lunchables, at least 6 - we eat lunch EVERY day
- Different color paper - red, blue, orange, pink (for when the brain explodes because I am a scientist), and yellow and green and black (for the heart)
-White paper for bones
- Scissors for cutting the bones
- wii games
- Water (in case I get thirsty)
- Chocolate covered strawberries or the chocolate for Dad to do it
- the 3rd X-Men movie
- New shoes – ‘cause I need z-straps and school shoes
- Winter hat (‘cause I already have a Star Wars hat from when I fought the real Darth Vader from the movies and didn’t die)
- A tent with Darth Vader’s picture
- Gardening supplies – like seeds and flowers
- Helmet for Buzz Lightyear costume for next Halloween that can slide up and down like the real Buzz LIghtyear
- The Buzz Lightyear yogurts for my school lunches
- Sticky foam and tracers
- Magnets for our refrigerator
- Hairbrush
- Magnifying glass
- Ninja turtle toy – WITH movie
- Picture frame with a little stand thing
- Drumset and electric guitar

My mom needs
- A house with more than one bathroom
- Catfood
- More Halloween decorations

Everyone needs
- Sunscreen
- Water
- More cheese (‘cause we may run out)
- Apples, bananas, and strawberries (so Dad can dip them in chocolate)

Thanks Santa – I know you will never die ‘cause God made you that way.

Love, Matt

(Good luck Santa!)

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