Saturday, August 8, 2009


My father had triple by-pass surgery this Thursday. He has been recovering quite well and the kids have been begging to go see him. Since he is out of the ICU and only has an IV still attached to him - Andrew and I figured this was as good a time as any to take the kids down to the hospital.

Molly, my surgeon in-training, was very quiet when she saw Grandpa. He offered to show off his scar and told her that they even closed him up with superglue instead of a needle and thread or staples, but she was really taken aback by the fact that this wasn't something on the Discovery Channel - this was real and this was her Grandpa. She just stood at the end of his bed and never took her eyes off of him.

Matt, on the other hand, was a little braver and ventured a little closer to him. Just close enough to touch the IV tubing and then run back to his chair. After doing this a couple of times, Grandpa asked him if he was okay. Matt didn't answer. Instead, he whispered in his Dad's ear, "how can I be okay, my Grandpa is hurt".

That kid never ceases to amaze me. He is the roughest kid on the planet - jumping around and bouncing off of the walls without even slowing down, but his heart is SO big that the thought of his Grandpa being hurt stops him in his tracks. I love that boy!

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