Thursday, May 14, 2009

Science Fair!

Both Molly and Matt were chosen to represent their classes at the New Haven Citywide Science Fair.

Matt's class project, "Lettuce" Stay Fresh, was about the best way to keep produce fresh when you bring it home from the store.

Molly's class project, Save the Landfill" experimented on the best way to throw away trash... compacting, recycling, etc.

The kids practiced talking about their projects for weeks. Begging Andrew and I to ask them questions so they would be ready for the judges. The school had a mock science fair on Monday with teachers acting as judges. The kids read and were read to about their projects - so Wednesday morning when they went off to the fair... they were READY!

Matt came home exhausted. He told me that they just kept making him talk about being the freshest. Molly was excited retelling me every moment of the day. Molly's teahcer, Mr. Rodriguez, was over the moon!!!! He was very excited because, although each project was to be judged by three judges... EIGHT judges came to talk with Molly and her partner Gizelle.

Tonight was the Awards Ceremony. Matt was beat from a busy week and Andrew kept him home. I took Molly over to the Ceremony early, where we met her teachers and fellow science fair presenters. The teachers took the kids (and their grown-ups out for pizza at Wall Street Pizza - yummy).

Finally it was time to go to the ceremony. They started with the Pre-K and we were thrilled to learn that Matt's class won Second Place! Woohoo!!!!

Then we waited through kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, and FINALLY it was time for the 3rd grade awards.

How it worked was that every kid got called on stage starting with honorable mentions then 3rd place, 2nd place, and 1st place. It felt as if there were a million 3rd grade projects and as we made it through all of the honorable mentions the excitement began to build.

Then they announced 3rd place - and it wasn't us. I thought that Molly's teachers were going to explode.

Then they announced 2nd place - it wasn't us.

All of the sudden it hit Molly...

Then they announced the 1st place winners and the kids heard their names...

Molly, Gizelle, Mr. Rodriguez, and even our prinicipal Mrs. Wells and Superintendent Dr. Mayo got excited over the win (not to mention one proud Mama who was screaming for the kids!!!)

Molly and Matt have been flying on Cloud Nine today! They got to make special announcements over the school pager system and had special parties to celebrate in their classrooms. What a great experience for them!!!!
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