Saturday, May 9, 2009

Do you know how many people can fit in a Hallmark Store...


I finally made it to the Hallmark store today to buy gift bags and cards for Mother's Day. I can honestly say I have never seen so many people inside one little Hallmark store. It was amazing! What was even stranger was that they were all standing in front of one little section of cards - no one was looking at birthday cards... or anniversary cards... or baptism cards - they were all squeezed in like sardines in front of the Mother's Day cards.

While there may have been more people than allowed by the Fire Marshall - their mothers would all have been proud, everyone was acting quite politely. (Although I found the perfect cards, gift bags were few and far between in the store... I actually took these two right out of the store window - HA!)

Happy Mother's Day to all!!!!
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