Thursday, February 19, 2009


Alright, so I am a little late with this one. Bookmark it for next year - if you like it.

Matt decided he wanted store-bought valentines. It almost killed me to not go OCD and make him valentine's, but I let him buy the ones from the store - and somehow the world didn't come to an end (interesting, huh?). However, next year I am making them. ;-)

Molly (as usual) let me make them for her friends. We talked about doing something we had already done (new school, different friends), but she was determined to come up with her own idea. After a little brainstorming (and teasing about the fact that the 3rd grade did a presentation called "Third Graders Have Rocks In Their Heads") - we decided on pet rocks for her classmates...

Super easy project. Sadly, I left my camera at work the day we finished them... but, we put them in cellophane bags with some red/pink shredded paper. We tied the tops with ribbon and added the note

"_________ You Rock!!!! Happy Valentine's Day! From, Molly"

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