Sunday, December 14, 2008


Matt: Mom, why do we keep the baby Jesus's in the drawer? (referring to the several Nativity set Jesus's that have not been put out yet)

Mom: Because, Jesus hasn't been born yet. He is born on Christmas Day.

Matt: But Jesus is alive! I met Jesus!

Mom: You did? When?

Matt: When I was a baby in the nursery with all the other babies. Jesus was there 'cause she isn't afraid of babies.

Mom: He isn't afraid of babies? What did he say? Did he tell you he loves you?

Matt: (completely exasperated) Mom, Jesus is a GIRL and SHE didn't have to tell us she loved us, we just felt it. (Matt wandered off and Molly and I looked at each other thinking - did he meet Jesus?)

A while back in church...

Our priest's son was wandering around quietly (since it was in the middle of the service) proclaiming his love for all things church related and Matt was completely ignoring him... UNTIL, Paddy announced "I love Jesus" to which Matt replied (loudly for the whole church to hear)"CHEESE-ITS, I LOVE CHEESE-ITS! Do you have any?"

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Andrew said...

He was quite dejected to "only" receive bread at communion that day since Paddy got Cheeze-its...

Dad (aka Askyourmom)