Saturday, August 16, 2008

haircuts for all...

All conversations in my house today seem to be about hair...

It started with me finding dear hubby's college ID today (pre-beard and with 80's hair). I showed the ID to Molly who laughed so hard she fell off the couch. Matt squealed that he wanted to see the picture. I handed him the ID card, he looked at it, and with the most serious face ever... he looks at me and says... "whose daddy is this - my daddy or someone else's daddy?" (which only made Molly and I laugh even harder)

Tonight we took the kids to Supercuts for haircuts. I convinced Molly to take about 3 inches off her hair (she looks so cute - okay, not so much here - but after the hair cut).  
Matt, however, had decided that he was ready for a mohawk. Unfortunately for him, I was not so convinced.

So I spent most of today trying to talk him out of it. By the time we left, he was convinced that a mohawk might not be the best look for him...

They call Matt's name, he climbs into the chair, the barber (I know it is really a stylist at Supercuts - but my husband says if he cuts boys hair, he's a barber) says "what do we want to do today" (to me), and Matt answers "cut my hair like a superhero!"

The stylist/barber laughed so hard! He just kept giggling saying "I've had people bring me magazine pictures, but never an action figure!" So he cut his hair like a superhero (see the superhero on the counter that Matt handed him for inspiration).

What do you think? I think he is the cutest superhero EVER!

Funniest line of the day goes to Molly...
We are watching Superman Returns tonight and it was one of many scenes where Superman shows up and they show a great shot of him in the suit. I leaned over to Molly and said "isn't he cute", she looked at me and wrinkles her nose. I reply "come on, he is cute - isn't he?", she looked at me and very seriously responded "Mom, I don't like my men in tights." I sat back on the sofa and thought "oh my gosh, her high school years are gonna stink!"
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