Tuesday, July 29, 2008


The Sound of Music has completely taken over my life. So much so that my darling 3 year old looked at me this morning (as I was leaving for work) and said... "Your leaving me again?"

I thought I might cry, until he followed it up with... "Good, can you buy me a new superhero?" I think he will survive this adventure just fine.

Last Sunday, the kids and I were playing restaurant... you know two waiters one customer. Molly quickly took my order and filled it exactly as ordered (no matter what I ordered). Matt, on the other hand, had rules for me to follow.

First, I could only order things at a pizza restaurant. So I ordered a cheese grater. He squealed and told me I was wrong. This went on and on, until he limited my choices to "pizza only". Choosing a pizza can be quite involved and I tried to think of one with every topping imaginable (yes, I do take great joy in teasing my children), ordering my pizza with glee waiting for the squeal... and I didn't get one. Instead, Matt picked up his Buzz Lightyear phone, hit a bunch of buttons and ordered the pizza.

Mom: "Matt what are you doing?"

Matt: "I'm ordering the pizza."

Mom: "But, I thought you were a pizza restaurant?"

Matt: "I am - this is how you make pizza."

I guess we order out too much...

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