Wednesday, April 30, 2008

surprise adventure...

It all started when I got a call this morning that Fedex had lost the payroll for our Boston office. I tried all morning at work (unsuccessfully) to try and get a courier to deliver a new set of payroll checks by 3pm. Well, when that didn't work - I decided to hand deliver the checks myself (I am in CT about 2.5 hours outside of Boston).

I called my husband to let him know and he decided to come with me. The next thing I know we are pulling the kids out of daycare/school and making an "ADVENTURE" out of this outing.

We got to Boston at 3pm., stopped at the Boston office to drop off the paychecks (and were greeted by many happy employees who had cupcakes and ice cream for my kids), and we were off to continue the adventure...

We ran the kids over to the Children's Museum and played until closing. Since it was only an hour until closing and the middle of the week, the place was desserted. We basically had it all to ourselves!

From there we visited with people from our other Boston office just to say hi (and take a bathroom break with the kids)... then it was off to Quincy Market for dinner and shopping! What a BLAST! The kids were great, the weather was perfect, traffic was non-existant. It was a perfect outing!

Honestly, I think it was so much fun because it was so spontaneous. No plans, no expectations, no schedule.

I think that we will need to have an adventure again soon (but I promise not to let the control freak inside of me plan it - LOL). I wonder where and when it will be.

What was your last spontaneous adventure?

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