Friday, March 7, 2008

An overdue Valentine's Day post...

I have been meaning to post this forever (okay, not really that long... just since Valentine's Day).

I have been reading a lot of blogs where people have been working with shrink plastic - and it looked like fun!

I drew four circles on four sheets of shrink plastic and had hubby, Molly, Matt and myself decorate our four circles. Once colored in, we cut them out, punched holes, and shrunk 'em (the technical term). The kids thought it was great!

After they cooled, I coated the back with clear nail polish (to prevent the colored pencils from rubbing off) and put each one on a lanyard hook. I then took one of each of our designs and made four keyrings. On Valentine's Day I put one on everyone's backpack/briefcase - so that we always have a piece of each other with us.

This one is mine. I really liked the way they came out. VERY easy craft to do with the kids.

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