Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I love this boy - he is constantly dirty, always noisy and nosey, and filled with great excitement about everything.  So here are some new (and some not-so-new) Mattisms...

Driving through Hartford, Matt saw a factory with a working smoke stack -

Matt: Mom, Dad LOOK!!!!! There is the cloud factory!
Andrew: The what?
Matt: The cloud factory! Where all the clouds are made! There it is and I FINALLY got to see where clouds come from. That is the coolest thing EVER!"

At the American Girl Doll Store later that same day - Matt runs out of the Men's Room...

Matt: You know how I said that the cloud factory was the coolest thing ever? Well... I was wrong... THE HAND DRYER IN THE BATHROOM IS AWESOME!!!! (yup, hand dryer beats cloud production)

Matt talking to one of his teachers...

Matt: Mrs. Phillips, I have to tell you something.
Mrs. Phillips: What?
Matt: You have to get closer so I can whisper in your ear. (Mrs. Phillips gets closer and Matt sings in her ear) bow-chicka-wow-wow, chicka-wow-wow.

Matt Christmas Morning 2009

Matt was so excited he kept yelling and announcing everything that we would pull out of our stockings.  It got to be so funny we let him open all the stockings - my favorite was...

Matt:  Dad look a TOOTHBRUSH (looking at the package he comes over to me and says) Mom, what does this say?
Me:  with whitening action

We took in a tiny kitten (approx. 3 weeks old) that had been abandoned and tried to nurse it back to health, unfortunately she didn't survive and we all took it very hard.  Many tears were shed and Molly took it hardest of all.

While Molly was still very sad, Matt put his hand on her shoulder and said "now Lola will be watching over you forever from heaven". 

Needless to say, there were many more tears from Andrew and I after that.

Matt after a particularly hard day of school...

Matt:  Mom, I am very tired and need to lay down - my teacher expected me to count bottle caps AND draw an exploding monkey!

Matt after another hard day at school...

Matt:  Mom, I wish I was Jesus Christ - then I could make the world exactly how I want it.  (apparently he didn't get enough LEGO time)

I told Matt I was going to call him Chewbacca - he said...

Matt:  You can't!  I'm not half-bear and naked with a gun!!!
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