Sunday, January 10, 2010

today, we played hooky...

This morning, Andrew and I decided to play hooky. We told the kids to get ready for church and put them in the car. As soon as Molly realized we weren't heading towards church, the questions started. Where are we going? Why aren't we going to church? (I love that my kids are disappointed when we don't go to church). We told them it was a surprise adventure and to enjoy the ride.

We then drove to Deerfield, Massachusetts to Magic Wings (a butterfly conservatory) and the Yankee Candle "Scenter of the Universe" Store (I know - the name is ridiculous, but it is SO much fun).

Molly looking for butterflies.

Me playing with my fancy new camera.

Andrew is excited to have a butterfly land on him.

Molly makes some new friends.

Matt and Molly thank Santa for their Christmas presents.Here was how Matt's conversation with Santa went...
Matt - "Thanks Santa for the pwesents." (yeah, he still has no R's and it is still cute)
Santa - "Well I should thank you too, want to know why?"
Matt - "I already know, for the cookies and milk"
Santa - "Well, I was going to say for being such good kids."
Matt - "You should say thank you for the cookies and milk."

Matt finds his personal heaven (a LEGO table with no other kids at it).

Molly didn't want to play LEGO, instead she organized all the Smurf displays.

The princess and prince are in.

Molly and Matt AMAZED that it can snow inside a building (until Matt announces VERY loudly that he is sure it's not snow "It's SPIT mom!!!!")

Matt chooses a snack.

Can't go to Yankee Candle without making a candle, right?


Alison Russell said...

Wow! That looks like such a fun day! My son would probably feel the same way about the Legos - although, being much older, he goes for the Lego Bionicles instead. What kind of camera did you get?

amy - directionally challenged said...

A Nikon D3000 and I LOVE it!!!!!

Matt likes the way Bionicles look and he "thinks" he wants them, but then he goes right back to regular LEGO to play. I think that I still have a few years before we start buying those. :)