Sunday, July 12, 2009

Molly goes to camp...

It was a tough day today. I had to drop my baby off at camp. I really thought it would be hard for her... I was so wrong - it is WAY hard for me!

The camp is beautiful and she couldn't wait to get through all the signing in stuff so that she could get to her cabin.

She was a very good sport as her father and I stressed over the best way to hang the mosquito netting.

After her bunk was all set up she went off to the swim test (which she very quietly told me that it was okay if I wanted to stay and watch - I took that to mean she wasn't quite ready to let me go yet).

However, while at her swim test she met two little girls in her cabin and the giggling started IMMEDIATELY. She and her new friends ran up the hill and barely said good-bye to myself or the other two moms. I so wanted to yell... WAIT - I'm not ready. But, I guess that didn't matter, she was.

Here's hoping that she has a great week at camp!

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