Thursday, April 9, 2009

feet washing = HUGE EXCITEMENT...

We went to Maundy Thursday Services at church tonight. The evening started with a lovely Mediterranean dinner, followed by readings and our amazing choir singing.

However, my favorite moment had to be when it was time for the footwashing. Nothing is better than the excitement on a four-year olds face to hear him yell "WE GET TO TAKE OFF OUR SHOES AND SOCKS IN CHURCH!!!!!" He ran to the front of the line to wash his father's feet, then with great joy splashed in the water until his pants were soaked - so his father could "wash" his feet, and then announced he wanted to wash Mother Mo's feet too! We quickly got him away from the water, fearing that the whole thing would become very messy, very quickly.

He is a constant reminder that joy can be found in the simplest of things.

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