Sunday, October 5, 2008

Blessing of the Animals...

One of the many reasons that my family joined St. Thomas's in New Haven is because they know how to have fun. Whether it is the full-scale musical that we put on this summer, the Hogwart's event at Halloween, or just hanging out... we all truly enjoy each others company. But don't think we limit this welcome to just humans... oh no! We welcome the animals right into church to be blessed (and what fun it is to see all those dogs, cats, hermit crabs, etc. in church).

Matt and Molly brought the school pets to this year's blessing (I don't think our cats would have liked it much). Matt claimed ownership of a chinese dwarf hamster and Molly claimed a hermit crab. They were very proud of their "pets" and brought them right up to Father Ray and Mother Mo for blessing. (I just love the picture of Mother Mo holding the hermit crab).

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